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Hey You…

June 22, 2009


Auntie Mei brought me to a Birthday party over the weekend. Actually it was a party for 5 babies; a bunch of her colleagues have babies & their birthdays all fall on this month.

It’s obvious that Auntie Mei knew I was at the end of my rope & had gotten so depressed since Grandma left for London; she tried to cheer me up and at the same time, showed me off to her staff.

They patted, squeezed & tickled me as if I were a toy.  Well, I really didn’t mind, as long as I was out and about. 

This poor baby girl wasn’t too friendly though, she stared at me for a long while as this fur ball was in the way, blocking her view. 

Risky Journey…

May 8, 2009

Where on earth is Auntie Mei taking me?  Hope it’s some place fun!  Hey, can you see me?  

Over here…..look closer!


The elevator just passed 40th floor, not to the VET….please.


WOW, what a nice office….Auntie Mei brought me to her work place.


I am having a dreadful attack of vertigo?   


The whole room is spinning around me, I’m really sick.