Holly at home...
HOLLY at home…

I am dedicating this blog to HOLLY (a male Toy Poodle), my beloved four-legged buddy.   My name is Molly Mavis, a family friend of Holly’s parents.

HOLLY was born in December, 2006, and has since been famous for HIS good looks and mild temperaments. 

He lives in a household of women in Hong Kong and he is actively (and desperately) looking for LOVE.

4 Responses to “ABOUT HOLLY”

  1. miemie Says:

    Hi, Holly, U are a lovely angel, wish U can find a gal soon : )

  2. mavismolly Says:

    Thanks. I hope to be out and about, meeting a gal would be nice. Do you know of any female poodle dog???

  3. Silvia Says:

    Hi Mavis!
    Lovely work with this blog… Holly looks like a real darling and a bit of a rascal too, just like Maya, ehehe.
    Funny enough, they were born the same year (the chinese year of the DOG!!!)… Maya’s brother and sister are now proud owners of two dogs: a white poodle named Leo and a black spaniel called Gaia.
    If we hear about female poodles around we tell them to send their piccies over to Holly, though I guess Italy’s a bit too far for a true romance to bloom.

  4. It's How I See It Says:

    Thank you for the comment – your baby is so cute and I’m sure that he’ll find the love of his life in no time.

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