Sick Like A Dog…


I’ve fallen ill & am Sick like a Dog.


This past Sunday, Mom & Dad took me to 2 veterinarians; I was given 4 shots in 12 hours.  You should have seen the size of the needles.  I’m currently on medication for the next 2 weeks.


It all started Saturday, Auntie Mavis was over for a visit, and Grandma brought out a plate of strawberries, those huge ones from California. I dashed over as soon as I spotted them, jumped on the sofa…wagged my little tail. Auntie Mavis gave in and let me have a taste….Yummy!!


It was an act of greed as I never liked my own food.  Now, I’m depressed, house-bound, grounded for the next week or so and no more human food…SIGH!

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One Response to “Sick Like A Dog…”

  1. Silvia Says:

    AAAWWWH, poor love! Strawberry ARE delicious petal, but often fruit doesn’t agree with wee doggies (or big ones for the matter: my former dog Sirpa, a beautiful Belgian sheperd, adored mandarins and oranges but got very sick every time she got some). Sure enough these two vets have used a bit of a heavy hand for such a little fluff-ball: take care and let us know how you get on.

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